Helping the professionally disorganised : allowing you to do less to achieve more

Here are my hourly rates, which allows me to provide flexible support, with no task too small.

Not sure how much time you'll need? Why not set a budget and marvel at all the work I can do.

Standard ad hoc hourly rate

£35 per hour, with a minimum of one hour a month.

No commitment and flexibility for work as and when required. Email or call me to get started!

Paralegal hourly rate

£45 per hour to be paid weekly in arrears or agreed price per project.

No commitment and flexibility for work as and when required.

Monthly retainers

Secure the hours you need with a retainer, payable monthly by the last working day of the month, for as little as one hour a month. My retainer clients get priority, which means you'll have a quicker turnaround time.

  • Time is tracked and a monthly report is sent to you

  • If you are nearing your monthly allocation, you will be informed and no additional work will be carried out without your consent

  • You can increase your hours at any point during the month

  • By using a VA you do not have employer obligations of holiday pay, sick pay, pension contributions, NI and Tax, equipment, overheads and all the coffee I require (hint: it is a lot!)

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